Best Cooling Mattress: Sleep with Air Flow

Sleeping on a hot mattress is the worst. Whether you’re trying to get some shut-eye while your AC is broken or staying cool in the summertime, nothing beats sleeping in a nice cool bed that won’t make you wake up with sweat dripping down your face.

It’s also suitable for athletes who are particularly prone to overheating. A temperature controlling mattress can help regulate your body temperature, so you stay comfortable through the night without having to deal with sheets soaked in sweat or kicking off covers when you get too hot!

If this sounds like something that might be of interest to you, keep reading our guide below, which will detail how cooling mattresses work.

The best cooling mattresses of 2021

1.DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud is a luxury hybrid mattress that uses latex and memory foam for cooling. These materials work together to improve airflow within the mattress while keeping you perfectly supported during the night.

Because of its high-quality materials, DreamCloud will keep you cool without sacrificing any of the pressure relief or bounce you need.


  • Hybrid construction is excellent for pressure relief and support
  • Natural latex makes the mattress more breathable
  • CertiPUR-US certified foams are eco, budget, and performance-friendly!
  • Great for temperate climates
  • The 20-year warranty and 101 trial period!


  • The price tag is high, but it’s definitely worth the investment if you need a new mattress.
  • Some customers report that the mattress isn’t quite as cool as other brands

2. Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze Mattress

Tempur-Pedic has been a leading mattress manufacturer for decades, and their LUXEbreeze line is no exception.

In addition to being manufactured in the USA, this mattress uses TEMPUR-Breeze material which features an open-cell design that improves airflow throughout the bed.

This helps you stay cool and gives you a more supportive feel while reducing motion transfer between couples.


  • TEMPUR-Breeze mattress is excellent for temperature regulation
  • CertiPUR-US certified foams are eco, budget, and performance-friendly!
  • Made in the USA
  • The 20-year warranty and 101 trial period!
  • Motion transfer is minimal


  • The mattress can be a little too firm for some customers’ preferences.
  • The mattress is a little on the pricey side for some customers.

3. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding is a company that takes pride in its mattress construction and durability. They offer a lifetime warranty on their Brooklyn Signature Mattress, which makes this product an excellent choice for people who want to invest in a cooling bed that will last them.

The Aurora hybrid from Brooklyn has been proven to be one of the coolest memory foam mattresses on the market due largely to its two-layer design and open-cell technology.


  • The two-layer design gives you a more supportive feel with increased airflow throughout the mattress.
  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Good temperature control properties make it comfortable year-round
  • Good motion isolation
  • Good value for the price paid


  • A few complaints about the mattress being too firm for some customers.
  • Some reports of the mattress arriving with a faint smell that dissipates over time.

4.GhostBed Luxe Mattress

GhostBed’s Luxe mattress is a high-quality hybrid bed that uses an open cell memory foam and latex combination to provide you with unparalleled cooling while still giving you plenty of support.

This mattress also features gel-infused memory foam layers, which means it will stay cool all night long!


  • CertiPUR-US certified foams are eco, budget, and performance-friendly!
  • The 20-year warranty and 101 trial period
  • Good airflow makes the mattress highly breathable and cool!
  • The bed is lightweight but offers excellent edge support
  • Good motion isolation


  • A few reports of the mattress feeling too firm for some customers
  • A few complaints about the mattress arriving with a faint smell that dissipates over time.

5. Helix Midnight LUXE Mattress

Helix mattresses are made to order based on your specifications, which means you can personalize the mattress down to the level of firmness.

The Helix Midnight LUXE Mattress is an ideal choice for those who want a little extra pressure relief in addition to excellent cooling.

This mattress features three layers of comfort, and each one has been infused with gel memory foam so that it provides a cool night’s sleep!


  • Customizable feel makes the bed useful for many sleepers
  • Highly breathable due to gel memory foam
  • 100 day free trial period
  • Good motion isolation properties allow you to move around without waking up your partner
  • Good value for the price paid


  • A few complaints of the mattress being too firm for some people
  • A few reports of the mattress arriving with a faint smell that dissipates over time.

What is a Cooling Mattress?

A cooling mattress has been designed with temperature regulation in mind. The materials used in the mattress construction and the design itself should be conducive to staying cool throughout the night.

This can be accomplished through various methods, but most often, manufacturers rely on open-cell technology and other breathable features like gel memory foam, airflow channels, and latex.

What Makes A Mattress Cool?

Some mattresses are better at regulating your body temperature than others because they use specific technologies or materials that provide an enhanced airflow experience and help absorb extra heat from your body as you sleep.

Some of the best materials for sleeping cool include:

  • Open-cell memory foam: Open-cell memory foam mattresses feature tiny pockets of air that allow the mattress to breathe and provide air circulation.
  • Natural latex: Mattresses made from latex are highly breathable, naturally resist mold and bacteria, and sleep well. They also provide you with a nice bounce, so they’re great for sex!
  • Copper-infused memory foam: Copper-infused memory foam is another type of cooling material that helps dissipate heat away from your body while you sleep for enhanced temperature regulation.

The Cooling Ability of Different Types of Mattresses


Hybrid mattresses offer the bounce and support of innerspring mattresses with the breathability of memory foam.

They can sleep cooler than traditional memory foam and latex mattresses because they provide more airflow due to their spring core.


Foam mattresses tend to sleep cooler than other types of bedding due to their construction materials. Memory foam, latex, and even airbeds feature open-cell technologies, which allow them to breathe better. Hence, they stay cool during the night.


Airbeds are an excellent choice for cooling because their designs provide great airflow so that you don’t overheat as you sleep.


Waterbeds are incredibly cool sleeping options, but newer models have improved this design by making it more adaptive to your needs.

Bed in a Box waterbeds are also highly customizable so that you can get the exact feel that’s ideal for your comfort level.


These natural fiber beds use traditional woven-style mattress construction and don’t often use inner pocket springs or coils.

While they feel quite different than regular mattresses, futons and cots can make great cooling options if you’re looking for a simple bedding choice.


These traditional mattresses are the most popular type of bedding, but they’re also not known for being great at staying cool.


Coil mattresses are usually made with foam cushioning material topped with a memory foam layer or latex to provide pressure relief and support.

While these features make them comfortable, they often come at the cost of reduced airflow, so many models work to improve on this design to enhance breathability.


These natural rubber beds tend to sleep cool because of their open-cell structure, allowing air to flow easily throughout your mattress.

Because of this quality, they’re excellent choices for hot sleepers who need a good night’s rest in an exceptionally cool environment.

Mattress sizes

  • Single: 3’6″ x 6’3″ (90cm x 190cm): This is the smallest mattress size available, and it’s most commonly used for kids’ beds. A single mattress can also be used as a daybed or placed on the floor as additional seating.
  • Double 4’6″ x 6’3″ (135cm x 190cm): The double is one of the most popular bed sizes because it provides ample room for two people to sleep comfortably throughout the night without feeling crowded.
  • King: 5′ x 6’3″ (150cm x 190cm): This is the UK’s most significant mattress and fits well in even larger bedrooms due to its relatively compact design. It works great as the main bed or as an extra surface for guests.
  • Super King: 6′ x 6’3″ (180cm x 190cm): The super king is the UK’s largest mattress and features a larger footprint than the king-size to accommodate couples or people who need a lot of sleeping space. It can also fit in even bigger bedrooms due to its relatively small design.
  • Cot: 60cm x 120cm: This is one of the smallest mattress sizes available, and it’s most commonly used for cots placed in children’s rooms. A cot mattress can also be used as an extra surface when you’re camping because it provides just enough padding for comfortability while still being very compact.
  • Single XL: 3’6″ x 6’3″ (110cm x 190cm): This unique sized mattress offers all the benefits of a standard single with just an extra 10cm to make it more suitable for adults.
  • Double XL: 5′ x 6’3″ (150cm x 190cm): This is another unique sized mattress that offers all the benefits of double but with an extra 10cm to accommodate taller people who need more space during the night.

The Ideal Sleeping Environment for Hot Sleepers

The ideal sleeping environment for hot sleepers is cool, clear of excess humidity and moisture, free from dust mites and other allergy-causing agents, has adequate airflow to keep you breathing easily throughout the night, and allows you to maintain a suitable body temperature without overheating or becoming uncomfortable.

  1. It would help if you also considered the room temperature where you plan to sleep so that your environment is as cool as possible to allow airflow throughout the mattress.
  2. If it’s particularly hot during the summer months, you may even want to take advantage of cooling technologies in your bedding or sleep on a fan-cooled mattress pad.
  3. If you’re a hot sleeper who spends many nights tossing and turning because you can’t find a comfortable temperature to rest, look for memory foam beds with open-cell properties like those highlighted above to maximize airflow and regulate temperature all night long. With these features, hot sleepers can finally get some relief!

Remember that every person is different when it comes to their ideal sleeping temperature; some people need something very cold while others prefer a warmer environment.

In the end, you should find the ideal temperature to sleep best at so that you can rest more comfortably and wake up refreshed and ready for your day!

Sheets, Duvets, and Covers – How to Ensure a Cool Bedroom Environment

Your bedding plays a significant role in regulating your body temperature as you sleep.

While it may be challenging to find the best mattress for hot sleepers, the proper sheets and other bedding options can help cool you down so that you have no trouble staying asleep during the night.

  1. First of all, your duvet or comforter should be made from natural fibers like cotton or wool, which allow airflow throughout the cover so that there’s no buildup of excess heat.
  2. In addition, thinner duvets are ideal for summer months, while thicker layers are helpful during winter when it gets colder outside.
  3. You should also pay attention to thread counts because fabrics with higher thread counts allow for less airflow and thus trap heat more readily.
  4. Using the suitable sheet materials can also make a big difference in regulating your temperature as you sleep. While cotton and linen sheets are comfortable choices, they may not be ideal because of their absorbent quality, which causes them to trap heat against your body as you rest.
  5. If you need something cooler, consider sheets made from silk or other cloths that provide a nice balance between comfort and breathability.
  6. If sweaty sheets drive you crazy at night, look into ultra-breathable options like those designed with special moisture-wicking techniques to keep perspiration away from your body so that you stay dry and comfortable throughout the night. For added relief, you might even want to invest in a cooling pillow or cooling sheets.

The use of a fan can also make a significant difference in the temperature of your room as you sleep. Fans work by moving air around the room to make it feel cooler and they’re particularly useful if you live in an especially humid environment.

Instead of trying to find a mattress for hot sleepers, sleeping near a fan can be an effective way to cool yourself down at night so that there’s no overheating or discomfort.


Your pillow choice can have a big impact on your sleep quality so you want to ensure that it’s something that feels comfortable and supportive around your neck, back, and head.

  • You also need to think about what material would be best for your sleeping needs; some people prefer plush pillows while others like the feel of firm ones.
  • If you’re looking for better airflow, down or feather pillows are ideal because they allow inter-coarse ventilation. Just keep in mind that if you choose this option, you’ll need to fluff up the pillow during the day to maintain its loftiness.
  • While pillows with lower fill power (i.e., those with more down per ounce)offer better airflow, they may not be as supportive for some sleepers.
  • If you’re looking for something that will keep you cool while still giving you the firmness and support that you need to rest comfortably during the night, then consider synthetic or memory foam pillows. These types of pillows are also good options if you tend to sleep on your side because they offer more substantial cushioning than down or feather ones, so they’ll help hold your head up all night long.

It’s important to note that many people can experience allergic reactions when using these materials so it’s a smart idea to try them out with your current pillowcase before completely replacing it with one of these types.

Also, just like your mattress and sheet choices, cooling pillows are typically covered in materials that allow airflow so they’re generally breathable.


If you’re a warm sleeper, then you’ll want to choose a blanket that has natural materials which wick moisture away from your body. In addition, opt for lighter-weight options that won’t trap heat against your body as you sleep.

Mattress Toppers

If you’re looking for the ultimate solution to a sleeping cooler, then mattress toppers are a great option. They can be placed on top of your existing mattress and offer various levels of cushioning depending on your needs; some models are even made with special cooling fabrics that help regulate body heat during the night.

What mattress type sleeps cool at night?

There are really only a few mattress types that sleep cool at night. These include the following:

  • Latex foam mattresses
  • Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Air-Flow Bladders (several brands now offer these)
  • Water beds (not considered Cool, but they do actually work to some degree if you like sleeping in water; we do not recommend this as it is unsafe and very unhealthy).

The reason why these particular mattress types sleep cooler is that they either do NOT absorb your body heat or they allow airflow within them which dissipates your body heat up and out of the mattress during the night. This allows for a cooler sleep experience without making you feel chilled or uncomfortable during night.

Do cooling mattresses really work?

There are various ways to cool your body down naturally at night. The most effective of this is by using a cooling mattress that allows airflow within the materials that it’s made up of.

Most mattress types sleep cooler than others as we’ve already discussed, but if you’re looking for the ultimate solution then consider one that actually uses cooling technologies such as those mentioned above (Latex foam, Memory Foam, Airflow bladders, or Water beds). These will truly help regulate your body heat and enhance your overall sleeping experience.

Sleeping near a fan can be an effective way to cool yourself down at night so that there’s no overheating or discomfort. However, it’s important to note that this is temporary and has few lasting effects, so it’s best to use a cooling mattress as well.

What can I do if my bed is too hot?

To start, you’ll want to choose lighter-weight bedding that won’t trap heat against your body as much as thicker and heavier materials will.

Also, it’s important to note that many people can experience allergic reactions when using synthetic and memory foam pillows because they tend not to breathe well and don’t wick moisture away from your body as natural materials do; this leads to overheating.

If you combine the use of these types of pillows with a thick mattress pad, then the combination will actually work against you by trapping more heat than just simply one or the other alone.

How do I make my memory foam mattress cooler?

There are several ways that you can make your memory foam mattress cooler. The first is to consider a cooling mattress pad or mattress protector; this will help regulate your body heat and dissipate it up and out of the mattress itself.

Also, using lighter weight bedding which allows airflow through it and doesn’t trap as much heat (such as cotton) is another way to go about ensuring you sleep cool. Cotton works well because it breaths naturally and wicks away moisture from your body as you sleep.

How About Phase Change Materials?

Phase change materials contain an interesting technology that seems to be effective at reducing temperatures in various types of products. They are called PCMs and they typically absorb heat when they’re warm and then release it again when they get cold; this is done by converting between solid, liquid, and gas phases which lower the temperature around them.

For example, if you bought a mattress protector made with PCM material, then it would work to reduce your body’s natural warmth during the night so that there’s less overheating. This type of protection is somewhat new in the sleep industry but appears to be quite promising.

How to care for a cooling mattress?

The best way to take care of a cooling mattress is to simply use some mild detergent and lukewarm water during the washing process.

  1. Make sure that you’re ordering the correct size for your bed as well so that it fits perfectly over the top of it.
  2. Never use a chlorine or bleach-based agent on your mattress as this will actually break down its integrity and make it more susceptible to tearing, ripping, and other issues.
  3. It’s also important to note that there are various types of foam available on the market today including memory foam cooling gel mattresses which contain cooling properties that either absorb or dissipate heat depending upon your preferences!


Q. Does a cooling mattress work as well as a box spring?

A. In most cases, it’s recommended that you use both to maximize their effects and get the best possible sleep experience overall. It takes more than just one component to regulate your body temperature during sleep; this is why using both types of products can be helpful for people who are having trouble sleeping through the night due to heat issues.

This will ensure that no matter what type of mattress you get in the future, you’ll always be able to use it on top of your cooling foundation.

Q. How often should I flip my memory foam mattress?

A: Memory foam mattresses should only be flipped over once every 6 months or so; otherwise, they won’t last as long as they should.

Q. How do I keep my memory foam mattress clean?

A: You can use normal household cleaners and dust mites spray to ensure that it’s free of contaminants and other things that might lower its lifespan!

Q. What types of bedding work well with cooling mattresses?

A: The best types of bedding for a cooling mattress are those which aren’t too thick, don’t trap heat easily, and contain natural materials such as cotton or wool. These materials tend to breathe well and wick away moisture from your body, which is something you definitely want when trying to prevent overheating during sleep. Try looking for these features whenever possible.


It’s important to choose a mattress that’s just the right temperature for your preferences and to use other cooling products too if you’re having trouble staying cool. In most cases, using a combination of bedding, cooling mattress pads/protectors, and even Phase Change Materials should allow you to get a much better night’s sleep.

You want something that will last for the long term without having any issues with durability or overheating; this is why you need to do thorough research before choosing one!

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