CWR Mobility Maintenance and Support




As a CWR Mobility customer, you are automatically enrolled in the Maintenance and Support Plan for the first year of operation.  This provides valuable maintenance and support benefits throughout the course of the year.  It provides needed product support services to ensure that your implementation is successful.  And it also provides direct access to our support engineers to assist you with questions and issues that might arise throughout the year. 

The Maintenance and Support Plan also entitles you to receive all of the product innovation that CWR Mobility releases during the year. 

Maintenance Renewal Benefits

In future years, you will have also the choice to renew your Maintenance and Support Plan.  If you do, the specific list of benefits you will receive includes

Product Upgrades

Reap the benefits of having the latest version of your solution to keep your business equipped with all the latest features.

Product Updates

Keep your solution up–to–date between major version releases.

Transition Investment Credits

Receive credit for your solution when you transfer to a different Edition.

Protected List Price

Lock in a lower price for future service plan renewals if prices increase.

Product Support

Get electronic and phone technical support service calls.

Emergency Backup Support

Get emergency backup support from CWR Mobility when your CRM partner is not available.

The Maintenance and Support Plan is one more way that CWR Mobility helps you maximize the value you receive from your CWR Mobile CRM investment.