Mobile First


Mobile is the essential delivery platform that can help your business gain strategic advantage

With the convergence of Mobile, Social and Cloud technologies well under way, leading companies are now looking to deploy modern, customer-centric business processes as mobile experiences first and desktop or Web experiences second. They see the opportunity to empower their organizations with new levels of insight and agility that enable them to build and maintain winning relationships with customers.

The CWR Mobility Mobile First initiative provides an actionable strategy that IT departments can adopt to help their business rapidly accomplish these goals using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CWR Mobile CRM.

Win8 Concept Video

CWR Mobile CRM Win8 Concept Video. Watch our CWR Mobile CRM Windows 8 Concept Video to learn more about our product direction.

Mobile First

Mobile First CRM Strategy Whitepaper. Learn how your IT department can implement a Mobile First strategy for Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications.

Statement of Direction

CWR Mobile CRM Statement of Direction. Learn about CWR Mobile CRM product plans, our product vision designed to help you capitalize on a Mobile First strategy for Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications