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CWR Mobile CRM is the best-in-class mobility solution for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM because it addresses the challenges of mobility for CRM in uniquely compelling ways. Offering powerful features for users, unique benefits for IT and unparalleled value for Management, our award winning software is the only solution that truly meets the needs of today's customer-agile company.

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Evaluating Mobile CRM Solutions

Customer Needs

Here are key needs that customers tell us every day that they have. Do these sound like needs in your organization?

  • Access to my Dynamics CRM in the field
  • Offline access to my CRM data
  • Solution that mobilizes all of my CRM
  • Ability to use phones people already have
  • Cross-platform support for Apple, RIM, Android and Windows
  • Access to the application via the native AppStores
  • Mobile access on tablets!

16 Key Capabilities that Make CWR Mobile CRM
Stand Alone as the Best-in-Class Solution

Success Criteria

Here are some of the common success criteria customers often include in their evaluations – and how CWR Mobile CRM delivers best-in-class capabilities:

  1. User Experience:  the familiarity and intuitiveness of a native smart client application that is specific to their mobile device, (e.g. iPhone/iPad® vs. BlackBerry® vs. Windows®), and which leverages all of the manufacturer’s design standards for their specific mobile device.
  2. Speed and Performance:  the speed and performance of a native smart client application versus having to use a web browser and wait for screens to refresh and repaint to get their CRM data.
  3. Offline Access:  the ability to have access to all of their CRM information when out of the office, even if out of cellular range, in an office building, parking garage or on an airplane. Even in geographies with advanced cellular infrastructures this is very much a real world need.
  4. Hybrid Access: the ability to go online when needed to retrieve any data that might not be defined in your profile (e.g. when covering for a colleague in another territory).
  5. Background Synchronization:  the ability for the application to keep your mobile device up to date by synchronizing data in the background between the mobile and the server without user intervention.
  6. Multi-Device Access: the ability of a mobile professional individual to have all of their information on their phone (e.g. capturing phone call activity on their BlackBerry) as well as on a tablet (e.g. being able to quickly find data on their iPad) at the same time.
  7. Integration with Native Applications:  the ability to access Dynamics CRM from within the native Email, Calendar, Contacts, Phone, Tasks, etc. capabilities of their mobile device for the manufacturers that allow it (unfortunately, not Apple).
  8. Ease of Installation:  ease of downloading CWR Mobile CRM from the App Store, AppWorld, or Windows Mobile/Phone marketplace.
  9. Connect Securely:  the ability to have CRM data encrypted both when being transferred to the mobile as well as when it is stored in the local device database.
  10. High User-Adoption:  the ability for teams to be productive in the field (where they can update their CRM system and tasks in real-time) throughout the day, rather than maybe getting around to doing it once they get back to their desks at the end of the day.
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IT Success Criteria

Here are some of the additional success criteria that customers’ IT departments often include in their evaluations – and how CWR Mobile CRM delivers best-in-class capabilities:

  1. Multi-Platform Support:  the ability to configure CWR Mobile CRM once (right from within Dynamics CRM) and then push it out to any type of mobile device on any platform.
  2. Native to Microsoft and to Dynamics CRM: the ability for the IT team to leverage all of its existing Microsoft and Dynamics infrastructure (with no dependencies on 3rd party tools or platforms), including all of the team’s existing skills, knowledge and experience.  The ability to complete all of the mobile configuration within Dynamics CRM and not need a separate program or application to do the configuration.
  3. Ease of Deployment:  the ease and convenience of deploying CWR Mobile CRM through the AppStore, AppWorld, Windows Mobile/Phone marketplace or from your own server (BlackBerry Enterprise Server).
  4. Easy Customization: the ability to quickly and easily customize the behavior of CWR Mobile Forms using JavaScript, whether you are a CRM analyst, consultant or developer.
  5. Publish Once, Deploy Everywhere Management Model:  the ability to make changes to Dynamics CRM views, forms, fields, etc., then publish those changes and have every mobile device automatically update itself during the next synchronization (without having to redeploy a new mobile application every time you want to push an update to the field).
  6. Complete Solution: No third party/external middleware, database or applications are required.
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